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z/OS inspiration links

- Mark's MVS utilities a great site for small and useful z/OS tools CBT Tape Home Page MVS and OS/390 Freeware

- Assembler Language Programming for IBM z System Servers by John Ehrman

Sam Bass MVS tools



Penetration stuff - Defcon

These links are for technical inspiration, and to inspire professional IT specialists who is responsible for IT security

- Soldier of Fortran dot ORG. This site is for elite hackers only!

- Soldier of Fortran blog. Don't follow this blog if you are a mainframe security specialist and like to sleep!

MQ Jumping Martyn Ryks @ DEFCON 15

- RACF utilities @


Assembly stuff and articles

In this document John Ehrman conveniently summarizes the trade-offs to be made when it comes to deciding whether to upgrade existing assembler programs or to replace them with something entirely new.

Various institutions have done research into this decision and its effects. The results of these scientific research endeavors are presented in a readable format, making the results accessible for the general public.

A must-read for all assembler programmers and, more importantly, their bosses. This document will help prevent making very costly mistakes.

IBM made this document available on the web, as a PDF document.

John Ehrman has published various interesting documents relating to HLASM. Many of these are available online. IBM hosts a complete index of John Ehrman's publications.

John Ehrmans "Assembler Language Programming for IBM z System Servers" version 1.00 is free to download.


John Ehrman Announces v2.0 of His Assembler Language Textbook


A new edition of John Ehrmans faboulus book: Assembler Language Programming for IBM z System Servers is now available from :

I'm looking forward to read the new edition, the first was GREAT.

The text is a PDF file (it's big: 1346 pages). The simple conversion and I/O macros decscribed in Appendix B are also available there.

There are also other great z server assembly language resources available on Institue for Data Center Professionals website.


Authors Comment:

"I was introduced to a computer when I should have been studying physics at the University of Illinois, and was immediately addicted.  Later, I worked in the Computation Center of the Stanford Linear Accelerator where I did some part-time teaching about IBM Assembler Language; portions of this text were started there. After tiring of fighting IBM I decided to join them, where I had good fortune and management support to develop the IBM High Level Assembler, and to create this text and related materials".


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