Great IBM MQ presentations


This is my index page to great IBM MQ related presentations, created by various specialist presented on conference all over the World.


IBM WebSphere MQ V8 Security Features: Deep Dive

Where is My Message?: Use MQ Tools to Work Out What Applications Have Done

Secure Your Messages with IBM MQ Advanced Message Security

IBM MQ V8 Security

What's New in IBM Messaging

Channel Authentication Records - A New Channel Security feature in WebSphere MQ v7.1

WebSphere MQ CHLAUTH - including V8 changes

IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Performance & Accounting

IBM WebSphere MQ for zOS: Shared Queues

IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Latest Features Deep Dive

IBM MQ - better application performance

IBM MQ High availability

IBM MQ: Managing Workloads, Scaling and Availability with MQ Clusters


IBM MQ appliance

CHLAUTH - Allow some privileged admins


Secure Messages with IBM WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security

More to be added come