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Basically Triggering is one of the most complex components of WebSphere MQ, and a area that often lead to a lot of discussions and frustrations: 

  • Why don't it work, 
  • I've lost the trigger
  • Messages stays on the queue
  • The CICS went into MAXTASK

This is just some of the comments I've received thru my work with WebSphere MQ, And I'll try to explain it here a bit simplified, for the complete description see the IBM documentation on the topic.

What are triggering offering us?

Triggering offers us the ability to start a process when certain criteria are met, the saves resources on our computers (memory, CPU, etc.). 

The normal behavior of a receiving application is to wait  for work until somebody send us some.

This page will be enhanced with some of my good stuff.

Working Triggering sample

I've created a working Trigger sample, you can try, and see how it works. This works currently only on the windows platform and is tested with WebSphere MQ version 5.2 up to IBM MQ 8.0

Download the sample. To install just unzip the in c:\, and execute the CreMIPT.BAT from C:\ under a user that is member of group=mqm or administrator.

You can see the definitions used in the sample here using MQ-Inventory MIPT the command issued (sendnote.bat)  is here:
net send "Greetings from WebSphere MQ.... It seem to work"

The command issued to setup the Queue Manager(MIPT) is here:
crtmqm MIPT
amqmdain start MIPT
amqmdain crttrm MIPT INIT.QUEUE
amqmdain start MIPT

To put a message into INPUT.QUEUE, you can use MQExplore, AMQSPUT or another MQtool that can put a message into your queue.

WebSphere MQ server version 5.2 or newer and the tool package installed.

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