John Ehrman Announces v2.0 of His Assembler Language Textbook

A new edition of John Ehrmans faboulus book: Assembler Language Programming for IBM z System Servers is now available from :

I'm looking forward to read the new edition, the first was GREAT.

The text is a PDF file (it's big: 1346 pages). The simple conversion and I/O macros decscribed in Appendix B are also available there.

There are also other great z server assembly language resources available on Institue for Data Center Professionals website.


Author's Comment:

"I was introduced to a computer when I should have been studying physics at the University of Illinois, and was immediately addicted.  Later, I worked in the Computation Center of the Stanford Linear Accelerator where I did some part-time teaching about IBM Assembler Language; portions of this text were started there. After tiring of fighting IBM I decided to join them, where I had good fortune and management support to develop the IBM High Level Assembler, and to create this text and related materials".

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