IBM MQ Advanced for Developers version 9.0

Dear MQ'ers

IBM MQ Advanced for Developers has now been released and you can find it on IBM developerWorks® and download it for free without support (or get it thru Passport Advantage).


MQDev Blog

Mark Taylor from IBM Hursley is presenting IBM "MQ V9 Overview" here @YouTube


 BlockIP2 works fine with this version (9.0) of IBM MQ too. There will soon be released a new edition utilizing the new features in IBM MQ v. 9.0

Main features, seem from my perspective (9.0):

  • Activity trace (distributed platforms)
  • Pageset usage stats in SMF (have taken a long time)
  • Remote located CCDT tables (C-clients)
  • Cheap and efficient encryption (AMS)

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